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What is ID  |  Analyze?

ID  |  Analyze is a technical tool which provides support when working with identification documents.

This complete system for analyzing identification documents comprises the document verification device PENTA Scanner® and the application ID  |  Analyze. It provides effective support for registration authorities, immigration authorities, registry offices or licensing authorities for identity document verification.

The PENTA Scanner® reads various national and international identification documents such as passports, ID cards, residence permits and other identity documents in a matter of seconds and generates images of the documents beneath various light sources. The results of the scan are displayed clearly in the ID  |  Analyze application.

Discrepancies pointing to a possible manipulation or falsification of the presented document are identified and displayed in a manner easily understood by the user. The results and images can optionally be saved for further processing in the form of a report.

Working with ID | Analyze offers an additional level of security and relieves the users’ everyday work.

DESKO Application ID  |  Analyze for registration authorities
DESKO Application ID  |  Analyze for registration authorities
DESKO PENTA Scanner® - document verification device
DESKO PENTA Scanner® - document verification device

How does ID | Analyze work?

The easy handling of the PENTA Scanner® and the intuitive design of the ID  |  Analyze user interface enable a simple use for anyone. After placing a document on the scanner, features that indicate possible forgery or manipulation are displayed clearly within just a few seconds.

This is how easy the document verification works with the PENTA Scanner® and ID  |  Analyze:

1. Scan the document

Simply place the ­identification document on the device's scanning surface. Scans and checks are carried out entirely automatically.

ID|Analyze – scanning with the document verification device PENTA Scanner®
2. Display the analysis

The overview shows you important information about the document, clearly presented and identifiable at one glance.

ID|Analyze – display of the analysis results
3. Make a decision  

Is this document ok or are there discrepancies that could indicate a potential ­manipulation or falsification of the document?

ID|Analyze – make a decision through the analysis results
4. Save the report (optional)  

Save all results for further processing. This feature makes the texts and scans available to you later in high-resolution quality.

ID|Analyze – save the report with the analysis results

Why are additonal functions useful?

Document review is becoming more and more complex because ID documents are becoming more and more complex. ID|Analyze helps you with a number of additional functions to simplify these complex tests. Regardless of whether you mainly deal with national or international documents: ID | Analyze provides you with a reliable and understandable analysis of all data.


Many international ID documents have a barcode. With ID|Analyze you can decipher these machine-readable codes and display the data records.

Barcode on driver's licenses
ID|Analyze overview
Detailed overview
Barcode on driver's licenses
Marked barcode on driver's license
ID|Analyze overview
Overview with additional button for barcode information
Detailed overview
Detailed information from barcode


With READ ID you will for the first time be able to supplement information from the MRZ with information from the so-called "visual zone" (VIZ) - i. e. the visible area of a document, since READ ID is able to recognize and read text fields outside of the MRZ and reproduce them as they are actually displayed on the document. You can use READ ID to easily determine, for example, whether the information from MRZ and VIZ matches - or whether a manipulated document may be present in the event of a deviation. Use this additional level of security to get clear results even faster when reviewing documents.

Visual zone of an ID document
Overview available
Detailed overview
Visual zone of an ID document
Pass mit markierter Visueller Zone
Overview available
Übersicht des Leseergebnisses mit Zusatzfunktion READ ID
Detailed overview
Detailseite der READ ID Leseergebnisse

IDCC: more than 3,600 ID documents availbale in one database!

The IDCC (Idcheckcenter) sets standards in document verification. Active for over 20 years, this database not only provides you with an enormous number of reference documents, but also helpful details. You have immediate access to travel documents, ID cards and other documents from over 200 countries - a total of over 3,600 documents with approximately 250,000 high-resolution images are stored. Due to its extremely user-friendly structure, IDCC is the ideal database to support you in checking identity documents in everyday life.

New overview available
Direct comparison possible
Detailed view of documents
New overview available
Übersicht des Leseergebnisses mit neuer Funktion IDCC
Direct comparison possible
Vergleichen Sie das gescannte Dokumente mit einem Referenzdokument
Detailed view of documents
Zoomen Sie in Details der Dokumente für einen optimierten Vergleich

Technical requirements

For the successful installation of the PENTA Scanner® and ID  |  Analyze, the following technical requirements must be given:

  • PC or laptop
  • System requirements: Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 (64 Bit)
  • CPU: Intel Core i3 or similar
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Available hard drive/disc space: 1 GB
  • One free USB 2.0 port
  • Power connection

Important product features of the PENTA Scanner® und ID  |  Analyze:

  • User-friendly document verification device
  • Creates high-resolution images under three different light sources (visible, infrared, and ultraviolet light)
  • Ease of use thanks to the extra-large scan window
  • Scratch-resistant and break-proof Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3 (safety glass) protects the scan window
Technical specification
Vcc:5 V +/- 5 %
Icc:2.5 A max
Footprint:L 219,9 mm (8.7 inches) × W 150,1 mm (5.9 inches) × H 144,7 mm (5.7 inches)
Scan Window Size:L 94 mm (3.7 inches) × W 131 mm (5.2 inches)
Image Formats:JPG, BMP, PNG
Resolution:150 up to 500 dpi
Light Sources:visible, infrared and ultraviolet light
Status Indicator:audible and visual status indicators
Securing:kensington lock

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